“Becoming a MoPho”: What the New iPad Means For Mobile Photography

By Anton Kawasaki

As usual with any new product announcement from Apple Inc, a great deal of excitement and awe was generated yesterday during the unveiling of Apple’s new 3rd-generation iPad (not iPad 3, not iPad HD, just… new iPad). The shiny new feature that’s gotten most of the media’s and public’s attention, of course, is the gorgeous new Retina Display that packs four times more pixels than previous models, and makes colors more vibrant. It will make your photos, most of all, really pop and appear more gorgeous than ever. Photographers of ANY persuasion will no doubt covet the new device as the perfect portable portfolio for their images.

The other significant feature upgrade that may (or may not) pique the interest of photographers is the new iSight camera. This camera is a bit of a hybrid — it has the same 5-megapixel resolution of an iPhone 4, but the more advanced optics (f/2.4 aperture and five-element lens) of the iPhone 4S, so it captures light better and produces a sharper overall image. 

It’s technically a better camera than the one on my iPhone 4! Honestly, it seems weird to know that someone using one of the new iPads will potentially be able to take a better QUALITY photo than I can. But as we all know, taking great photos isn’t all about the sharpness of an image. It’s WHAT you’re able to shoot (and in some senses HOW you’re able to), that matters. So… can the iPad really be used effectively (or be taken seriously) as a camera?

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