MoPho Madness!: New update brings 1-Cent Prints & Free Shipping in celebration for Instagram support & 3 new products

Our free “MoPho: Prints & Products” app just got a MAJOR new update, and we’re celebrating with 1-cent prints and free shipping (see details below)!

Now with the latest update you can link to your Instagram account and get access to all your favorite IG photos within MoPho! Custom create your own unique photo prints and products on the only iPhone app that has the widest selection of photo items available! No need to hassle with a computer — it’s ALL done on your phone!

Plus, MoPho has now added three brand new products that you’ll absolutely flip over!:

* Canvas Prints: These 1.25” thick gallery wrapped canvas prints are stretched and mounted to a frame, with the image wrapped around the edges to a create a fine art quality masterpiece! Available in 8”x8”, 8”x10”, 8”x12”, 10”x10”, 11”x14”, 12”x12”, and 16”x16”-inch sizes!

* Ceramic Tile Art with Display Easel: A gorgeous 8”x8”-inch tile with a glossy vibrant finish and beveled edges. Comes with a wrought iron display easel with rubber bottom feet. A beautiful way to spotlight and commemorate your favorite photos!

* Keepsake Box: Store your prized mementos in this 4.5” square keepsake box that features a black piano finish and is fully lined. Personalize it with a special photo image on the included 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tile on top.

These awesome new photo products are in addition to the many that MoPho already offers: Regular professional-quality prints of various sizes, iPhone 4/4S cases, iPad cases, 5”x7” Easel Back Panels, Aluminum Art Panels, Coaster Sets, T-Shirts, Canvas Tote Bags, 11oz. Mugs, “Magic” Mugs, Mouse Pads, Keychains, 20oz. Water Bottles, 20oz. Frosted Steins, Re-Stick-Able Posters, and 15-set Photo Tattoos.

To celebrate this MAJOR new update, we’re offering two amazing limited-time offers that you won’t be able to pass up! (Offers end 3/30/12, so hurry!):

* All of our 4”x4”-sized regular prints are only 1-cent each!!* It’s the perfect size for Instagram photos, or ANY photo in your camera roll! 

* FREE SHIPPING on all orders!** Yep, order as much as you want, and all shipping is absolutely, 100% FREE. Just make sure to use the following code while placing your order: freeship 

          You KNOW you want some 1-cent prints!!

Yes, you heard us right — you can get up to TEN quality 4”x4” prints RIGHT NOW for only 10 cents and free shipping! What are you waiting for, mophos? Take advantage of our CRAZY offers within the next week, because they definitely won’t last long. We’ll be sure to come to our senses at some point…

MoPho offers the WIDEST selection of custom-made photo products than any other app  out there — and the best thing is you can see a preview of your product BEFORE you buy! We’re also the ONLY company that’s offering many of these products within the convenience of an app on your phone, without having to deal with uploading your photos to a computer and using a web browser. If you haven’t downloaded MoPho already, try it out for free now.


* 1-cent prints are limited to 10 prints per customer (any prints ordered beyond that are priced at usual $0.29 price), and 20,000 prints overall.

** Free shipping code is not combinable with any other discount code.

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